Pet Rabbits and the Easter Bunny Issue

A rabbit anyone? It has become a cliché to get children or even teenagers a rabbit for Easter. Still, there might be more problems with this little animal than the family can handle.

First of all we should all remember that those cute little bunnies that we might buy grow up someday, and although they will still be cute, they won’t be small anymore.

Rabbit For AdoptionWhen this happens there are many people who give their rabbit up for adoption, or even worse, let it go in the wild.

In order to make sure that this won’t happen to you, look for some information about rabbit care before you actually get one. There are numerous animal shelters that have rabbits for adoption.

You might get one from such a place and in this case the workers will also educate you on how to handle your new pet.

The rabbits are relatively small animals, but still they need plenty of room to be able to move and to stretch. They need a place to sleep and most naturally they need food and water.

The common belief is that rabbits like carrots. This is true, but the nutrition of the pet should be varied. There are some bunnies that prefer other fruits or vegetables instead of carrots, such as apples.

The majority of these pets are the most active during twilight and dusk. This is why in these periods of the day you should make sure that it has room to move around.

If you would like to have a good relationship with the little pet, you should make sure that you spend enough time with it. Also remember that they don’t like to be handled, so you should stroke the head, ears and the back before you actually handle it.

It is easier to gain its trust if you don’t make any fast movements. You just have to take it slow.


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