How to Entertain your Furry Bunny?

Having a rabbit as pet entails an important aspect of keeping the little one entertained. A bored bunny can destroy the surroundings by biting everything they see around, however the good news is that you can keep your rabbit entertained and in cheerful mood by using simple tricks and see how smart and intelligent they are!

You have to make their brains work and keep them active. If you had brought it home thinking that the pretty little creature would sit in the cage whole day and keep chewing leaves – you are wrong! Here are easy ways to stimulate the rabbit’s brain and keep it entertained and healthy –

entertain your furry bunnyFlip and Toss Game

One of the favorite past times of rabbits are to throw things all around. They also attack on the things that you would roll onto them. You can buy small, soft toys and roll towards the bunny and see how it takes the toy in the mouth and tosses it back to you. Sisal or cane toys are considered ideal for bunnies.

Let it Chew

Chewing is an inevitable character of rabbits and if you don’t give them proper toys to chew, they will start chewing the things surrounding them. Rabbits often get the habit of obsessive chewing if they get bored. Thus, engage them with different toys and chewing elements to avoid boredom.


Remodeling elements are loved by bunnies; let them create natural burrow through sand or muddy heaps; that will also keep them away from your furniture. Cardboard boxes are excellent ideas to keep them engaged by digging holes; you dig some of the holes from before so that it gets easy chewing for them.

Small Hurdles

Creating small obstacles on the bunny’s way will make it get active and excited. With some small cardboard pieces you can create hurdles for it to cross and play. They might get eager to bite and nibble it; don’t worry as it will also keep the pet entertained. The basic idea to keep it entertained is to make it physically active and moving.

Foodie Fun

While you are feeding the furry pet, try to make it a fun time as well. Cut the carrot pieces into cubes and make a zig zag road to its home. Let it come out and nibble the pieces one by one that reaches to you. You can also feed the leaves in many different ways than just putting it on the plate. Hang each of the leaf from the holes of the cage in a way that the bunny has to move up and down to get it in its tummy!

Pets are precious as they not only entertain us but also become a vital addition to our lives and family. It’s our duty equally to keep them happy and entertained, rather than just fulfilling the duties of cleaning, feeding and going for veterinary checkups. These small ways of entertaining your rabbit will surely be fantastic ways to light up your leisure time!


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