How to Litter Train a Rabbit

If you are someone who has a pet rabbit at home then it is important that you teach the rabbit to be disciplined and not drop litter all over the house. Litter training or potty training rabbits is an important thing for all rabbit owners to teach their pets and is not as difficult since rabbits are naturally clean animals.  The basic things that you will need to litter train your rabbit include litter tray and some time. The following are some of the most effective ways to litter train a rabbit.

litter train a rabbit

Get a Litter Pan

The first thing that you need to do to litter train your rabbit it to buy a litter pan, tray or box.  These pans have a raised back and a low front. You may want to buy a few of these so that you can disperse them all around the house and easily swap them when you are cleaning and disinfecting the ones that have been used.

Make Sure you have Some Newspaper Handy

In order to easily clean the pan out, you must line it with newspaper. Make sure the newspaper you use does not have any toxic ink which can be harmful for the rabbit.

Get the Right Litter

The next step is to choose a rabbit safe product like a paper based litter or aspen chips which are untreated.  Make sure you do not choose pine chips or cedar chips because they are treated with oils that can be bad for the lungs of the rabbit.  Also, avoid choosing clay based cat litters or those which are clumping.  These can cause bowel blockage if the rabbit eats them.

Buy a Cage and Hay

The next step is to buy a cage which is about 3 to 6 times the size of the rabbit.   You must also get hay to attract the rabbit to the litter box.


Teach the rabbit as early as possible and initially, collect the litter and put it in the tray as a hint for the rabbit.  When the rabbit begins to use the cage, then reward it by giving a bite of an apple or carrot to encourage this behavior.  Once the rabbit starts using the boxes, spread them and adjust them throughout the house for the rabbit to know that those are meant for him.


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