The 6 Most Interesting Facts About Goldfish

Goldfish is one of the most beautiful and interesting variety of fish in the world and is also one which is kept as a pet by many fish owners.  This fish looks wonderful swimming in a round goldfish tank or bowl and is an ideal fish for little children to pet. There are many amazing facts about goldfish that make them so popular and the following are the top 6 of them.

facts about goldfish

1. Goldfish Don’t have Stomachs

One of the most interesting facts about goldfish is that they do not have stomachs! This is why they must be fed only those kinds of foods which can be digested easily.  Also, they must be fed small amounts in many feeding sessions rather than a whole lot of food in one session.  This is the reason why they produce so much of waste and one needs a filter to keep the water clean.

2. Goldfish can Live for as Long as 40 Years

Another amazing and fascinating fact about goldfish is that they have been known to live for even 40 years.  It is a fact that if proper care is provided to them, they can go on to live for decades.  One has to be a dedicated pet owner to take care of this fish and feed it carefully.

3. Goldfish can Recognize the Faces of People

You will be amazed to know that goldfish can even recognize the faces of different people.  They can tell different faces apart and can also distinguish between different sounds, colors, shapes and people. This is why they often recognize their owners and tend to be more responsive towards them.

4. Goldfish have a Memory Span of about 3 Months

A lot of people believe that goldfish have a memory of just a few seconds but this is just a myth. Infact that have a memory span of about 3 months.

5. Goldfish an Grow to Over a Foot Long

Another interesting thing to know about goldfish is that they can grow to over a foot long. They often do not tend to grow if the tank in which they are kept is small and may not reach their potential size.

6. The Collective Noun for Goldfish is “a Troubling”

When you refer to a group of goldfish, then the collective noun that is used is ‘a troubling of goldfish’!


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