How Ready Are You for a Pet Rabbit?

Being a pet rabbit owner requires time and attention. A rabbit is very much like a small puppy with the difference that the puppies grow and change behavior. A rabbit needs constant attention and you will need to spend a loot of time at home if you get one.

The young rabbits require a lot of time and care. When they are very young they tend to be cute and clingy, adorably affectionate. As they grow up, they resemble very much the behavior of the human teenagers. Their ill behavior will get on anybody’s nerves and it will stay the same all their lives unless they are sterilized.

pet rabbitThe sterilization can take place after four months of life and after that the rabbit will become a calmer adult, easier to train and a real bundle of joy.

Many parents tend to get a pet rabbit for their little kids considering that such a pet would be less demanding compared to a dog or a cat.

If the child is small, get him/her a bigger rabbit, one that they won’t be able to pick up in their arms. The small bunnies may be cute but they can easily get hurt if a child drops them from its arms.

It is a fact that the kids below the age of 10 years and rabbits do not make good companions unless the kids are used to small animals and have a sense of responsibility. If your child is restless, getting him a rabbit is not a good idea because rabbits prefer a calm environment.

In spite of getting the rabbit as a pet for your child, you, the parent, must be the person responsible for the rabbit’s feeding and interaction with your young one. For example an adult can easily see the signs of a disease compared to a child.

A healthy rabbit has a healthy appetite, sparkling eyes and a very curious disposition. If their eyes and nose are leaking and the litter box shows signs of alarm you must not hesitate to take it to the vet.

Rabbits can get intestinal blockages from ingesting hair or they can simply catch a cold. When it is sick you should keep it away from children.

If you choose to keep the rabbit inside an enclosure you must evaluate if you have room for one large enough so the rabbit will have enough room to move.

The food supply and quality must also be carefully evaluated. The nutrition elements should be very carefully evaluated because they are the main source of health for your pet rabbit.


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