Horse bedding

All animals deserve the very best when it comes to living conditions, so do you want to spoil your horse and give he or she a warm and welcoming home, then investing in good quality horse bedding is a great idea. Quality always matters and when choosing high-quality horse bedding you will get a very uniform product that is free from irritating wood splinters. It is perhaps the most suitable underlay for the stalls and is comfortable for your horse to lie on.

Horse bedding

But what makes horse bedding special and worth an investment, you might ask? Well, the answer is actually pretty straight forward. It helps with your horse’s health broadly speaking as it allows for longer laying and resting periods in the stall while at the same time minimizing resting marks.

The advantages of horse bedding

There are several advantages associated with the use of horse bedding in stables. These advantages do not only benefit your horse, but they also benefit you. That is because horse bedding can help ease your workload when mucking out – yes, that is right. The bedding creates a dry environment in the stall which makes it much, much easier to muck, and as a bonus of the somewhat drier environment, you will quickly discover that there are not as many flies around as usual.

Hence, fewer flies to swarm around your horse’s eyes and ears when resting, which might even make it unnecessary to use insect-huts. Last but not least, horse bedding as a very environmentally friendly and economical way to make the boxes in the stalls a warmer and more welcoming place for you and your horse.


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