No, Not On The Carpet! Valuable Tips On Housebreaking Your New Pet

petOne of the biggest challenges facing new pet owners is housebreaking their pet.

Generally, kittens and ferrets use a litter box and require minimal training.

Make sure that the litter box is easily accessible to the animal and located well away from pet feeding area.

Show the animal the litter box and reward your pet for using the box. Pet ferrets and kittens learn fairly quickly. If your kitten is male, you may want to have it neutered before it reaches sexual maturity to avoid instinctual spraying or marking behavior.

Dogs are a little more difficult to housebreak. You must establish a regular schedule for feeding and walking your puppy. It is important to remain on schedule every day including weekends. For young puppies and small dogs, wee wee pads are available.

As with the litter box, place the wee wee pads as far away as possible from the feeding area. At this point in training, it is helpful if the puppy can be confined to one area of your home (preferably one without wall to wall carpeting).

Reward you puppy for using the pad. Make sure he knows why he is being rewarded.  Food treats are good for this purpose, but the most important thing is your approval by petting and speaking to him.

Puppies should be walked about fifteen minutes after feeding. If the puppy is fed twice a day, it will also need to be walked at least once between feedings and once before bed. [puppy feeding]

It is important to be lavish with praises with your pet when he goes outdoors.  It will probably take four to six weeks to completely housebreak your puppy and be able to dispense with the pads.

Taking time to properly housebreak pets early saves time and trouble for owners and pets later.


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