Ferrets Are Similar Pets As Dogs

ferretsFor the right owner a ferret has a lot to offer, they can be very affectionate and exceedingly playful.

After a bit of training a ferret can be just as obedient as a dog. [Ferret training]

Ferrets can easily be house-trained and there is now a wide variety of special food available to provide them with the perfect diet.

Also because it is a relatively small animal it can live quite happily in a cage, although it would need to be one big enough for all its needs.

Unlike a howling dog that can also bark the day away, thus giving the neighbors plenty to complain about, a ferret is usually quiet. They can be vocal but only if they are in distress for example ill or very scared.

It is often stated that owning a domesticated animal can have significant health advantages. With a ferret, their playfulness and curiosity will entertain you more than any television channel. They are also highly intelligent and it is quite amazing what they can be taught to do for their owner.

Dogged determination means that they are brilliant problem solvers, often going to great lengths to complete a task. Often it will appear that they have trained you rather than the other way around.

As with all pets, every Ferret has its own very special personality although they are all extremely cute. It won’t take long to get to know your new best friend. If you have the space consider getting a pair as they really benefit from a bit of company.


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