Dog Itching but No Fleas Remedy

The truth is that people find it difficult to use dog itching but no fleas remedy because fleas are the first thing people think about when they see their dog scratching. The good news is that there are several options that you could try to take care of the problem.

Dog Itching but No Fleas Remedy

Oatmeal bath

The first thing you should try is to give the dog an oatmeal bath. You can find oatmeal shampoos that take care of the dog’s dry skin and make the itching better.

You should let the shampoo sit for about 15 minutes before you wash it off while bathing the dog.

Dog food

In case you are looking for dog’s remedies for itching but no fleas you should consider the food that you give the dog. It may be a good idea to switch to a hypoallergenic kind. It is possible that the dog has a food allergy that causes the itching.


When it comes to the dog itching but no fleas remedy, it is a must to think about the stress factors in the life of the dog. A dog can be in a lot of stress if you just got a new pet. A new roommate or family member can also stress the dog.


If you are thinking about treatments for dog itching but no fleas, keep in mind that dogs, just like humans, can have seasonal allergies. You can test this theory by keeping the dog indoors for a while and see if the scratching gets better.


Different kinds of supplements can work as dog itching but no fleas remedy. For instance vitamin E can help the skin of the dog get better. You can find such supplements at your vet or the local pet store. This is something to ask your vet about.

Take it to the vet

If you can’t seem to find the right dog’s treatment for itching but no fleas, you should take the pet to the vet to check whether he has any other parasites that could cause the itching. Yeast infections and ringworms can both lead to scratching.

Make sure that you find the right dog itching but no fleas remedy to make the life of your pet better, For sure he would help you as well, if he had the chance, so you should help him.


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