Essential Measures To Treat Hotspots In Dogs

Is your dog suffering with hotspots? Also known as pyotraumatic dermatitis, hotspots in dogs spread rapidly on their skin surface and can cause painful itchy condition that persists for months in your pet.

To prevent further infection, it is very essential for you to take immediate care of your pet.

Here are few measures that you can consider to treat the condition and prevent complications.

  1. Identifying the infection is most vital for treating the condition in initial stages. So, if you notice that your dog scratches or licks any particular place on its body, check for hotspots. You can identify them with red weeping rashes.
  2. Trim or cut the surrounding fur or hair around the hotspot carefully. This can prevent further spread of infection to other parts of skin.
  3. Gently wash the infection or sore with antiseptic or astringent and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Even diluted hydrogen peroxide will help to clear off the pus, if present around the sore.
  4. Excessive bathing for pet can create irritation to your pet’s skin, so try to avoid this. If your dog has sensitive skin, ensure that you use right and appropriate shampoos for your dog’s skin.
  5. Apply cold compress or clean the place with wet wash cloth frequently. This can help your dog to relieve from itchiness and pain.


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