Pets And Stress

petIt is now fairly well known that having pets is a stress buster; that having a warm, loving furry friend to care for and who cares for you in turn can be very good for lowering your stress levels.

There are several reasons for this:

  • A pet gives you unconditional love that is a very fulfilling and self esteem building thing for many. Feelings of loneliness and low self worth fade away with a pet that gives you company constantly and make sure you never come back to an empty house. The stress of being alone or loneliness disappears when you have a pet. When you have a pet, you always have someone to talk to. [overcome loneliness]
  • Pets bring alive one’s nurturing instinct because the pet owner becomes aware that he or she is fully responsible for the pet and its well being.
  • Another reason why a pet such as a dog is so healthy to have around is that the dog makes it compulsory for you to walk him or her, thereby making sure that the owner gets a fair amount of daily exercise as well.
  • Having a pet is also known to lower blood pressure


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