Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe In Cold Weather

There is a common misconception that dogs will be “fine” if left outside. This is not true.

All pets need adequate shelter from the elements and insulation against cold weather.

Pets should not be left outside for long periods in freezing weather – like humans, they can suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. The young and the senior pets are especially at risk.

Indoor accommodations are best during extreme temperature drops.

Salt and chemical de-icers

Pets who walk on sidewalks that have been “de-iced” are prone to dry, chapped, and potentially painful paws.

This will encourage the pet to lick their paws, and ingestion may cause gastrointestinal irritation and upset. Wash off your pet’s feet after an outing with a warm wet cloth or footbath.

Antifreeze dangers

Thirsty and curious pets will lap up antifreeze. Just a few licks can be fatal. Lock up antifreeze containers and clean up spills immediately. For more information, please see previous article about antifreeze toxicity.

Heat-seekers beware

Cats will seek warmth where they can get it, and that may be the warm engine of a car just parked. Before staring your car, knock on the hood or honk the horn to scare off any cats – and prevent tragedy.

Source: Citizen-Times


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