The Perfect Outdoor Getaway For Cats

Many pet owners have typical concerns in common – where to keep their pets. Keeping them indoor is a good decision, but it also hides its risks.

For instance, pets can pollute the air of your home and no matter how often you clean and refresh the air, the bacteria will stay. Therefore, many owners are building special homes for their pets outdoors.

outdoor for cats 1

Here are some of the most comfortable pet “getaways”, which you can install in your yard. If your pet is a cat, you can find the perfect decision in one suggestion.

The company of Home of Habitat Haven is offering The Cat’s Den. This is a mini habitat for cats, which can be installed anywhere outdoors. The specialists are setting it so to fit your landscape and house.

There are also easy to install enclosure kits that allow your cat to live under a specific shelter, but still do have the freedom to leave its kit.

There is also an interesting statistic that proves that those enclosure kits are extremely useful.

outdoor for cats 2

Last statistic has showed that the indoor cats live longer than those that are let to run free. In fact, the indoor cats are most likely to live 5 times longer than the outdoor animals. Therefore, the enclosure kits in your garden will guarantee the safety of your cat.

The kits are specially protected from rain, bad weather conditions, which is more, they are solid. Each of those cat homes is equipped with plastic or wood perches and floor liners, special mini doors and even hammocks, as the fabrics are fade resistant.

outdoor for cats 3

Other decision, which not going to cost you that much, is the suggestion offered by Kritter Kondo, a new model of enclosure.

This is the latest outdoor enclosure that is portable and you can even take your pet on vacation with you, considering the fact the Kondo is very comfortable. Its structure is light weighted and sturdy.

The water resistant fabrics are a guarantee that the enclosure will resist on a bad weather. The Kritter Kongo is spacious and it’s a one-piece structure. This means you can set it up in few seconds, without any problems.

The good news is that Kritter Kondo is really made to offer a good care for your pet, because it comes with special accessories.

The company is also suggesting a deluxe version of the Kondo. It includes a collapsible shade canopy and doors on the both ends.


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