Dog Treats To Satisfy Your Pet’s Appetite

Dog treats are special snacks given to your dog as a reward for their good behavior. Often times, you give them treats when they obey in what you tell them to do as well as a treat after training them how to sit, lay down or do simple tricks.

Dog treats come on various kinds and is normally formulated with vitamins and minerals that will help boost their immune system. Some treats contain antibiotics, vaccines and vitamins.

By giving them healthy dog treats, it will help them acquire clean teeth and digestive system.

Dogs love getting treats. It is helpful to always keep one or two treats with you whenever you play with your dog, this is your way of appreciating them and keeping things fun between you and your dog. Here are popular dog treats for your pet:

Chewy dog treats

Chewy dog treats is recommended for puppies to help develop their jaw structure and biting capability. These dog treats vary in hardness and chewing time.

Crunchy dog treats

Crunchy dog treats are dry foods for your pet that also helps promote clean teeth. These treats come in bite sizes that you can store in your pocket.

These treats are normally given during training and while taking the dog for a walk outside. Examples of crunchy dog treats are biscuits and animal bones.

Natural homemade dog treats

Treats made from organic ingredients can also be given to your pet as dog treats. These can be acquired from pet stores as well as regular dog food suppliers.

Omega 3 oils

Dog treats that contain omega 3 oils help improve your dog’s coat and heart. It is a healthy fat that is necessary and needed by your dog to grow strong and healthy.

Raw dog treats

These kinds of treats are specially acquired from fresh meat classified as “A” meat. They are dried for a couple or more days and are carefully packed for sale. No artificial seasoning added that is why it is safe for your dog.

In choosing dog treats, it is important not to settle on the cheapest. What is important is that you carefully read labels and ingredients. The market offers hundreds and thousands of dog treats.

You will somehow feel confused on what to buy. Some of these treats are manufactured artificially which contains chemicals that may be dangerous to your dog’s health.

Organic treats are best for your dog too. When choosing the kind of treat to give your dog, it is still the safest to try and go the natural way. Baking at home or cooking special treats at home is also all natural. You can also be sure of the ingredients you put in the dog treat.

If your dog is a fussy eater, make sure you eliminate too much preservative on their food. Dogs can also acquire allergies by the kind of food they eat. Online information can also help you decide on the best dog treats you can make at home.


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