The Cat Wake Up Call And Why Does It Do It?

It is extremely annoying for somebody to wake you up exactly in the day you are planned to sleep in late and if the cat is the one giving you the wake up call the thing becomes even more frustrating because you cannot possibly slam the cat to a wall like you would do with an annoying alarm clock.

But why do the cats tend to do this? Contrary to the common belief the cats are not nocturnal. The term refers to animals that lead an active life during nighttime so a house cat, which sleeps when we do is not part of this category.

Cats are more like “twilight creatures” and this comes from the ancestral heritage they carry because the pray of the wild cats is more active at dawn. So here it is the explanation why do cats act out very often as very early “morning people”.

cat wake up callHere are the elements responsible for the wake up call we get from our cats.

Nature is responsible for the cat’s internal clock that tells your kitty that is time for you to get up. The cats become active together with the sunrise so when the night is very short or very long the cat’s sleeping hours will be synchronized with the sun.

Training the cat is something the owners must consider to help in the matter. Let’s say for example that the cat is very active in the morning and not seeing any movement it can get bored but if you wake up to play with it, the cat will consider that a sign of attention and will come back for the same routine every single morning.

The same thing applies to the eating hours of the cat. If it is used to be fed in the early mornings before you go to work then do not get mad at it for doing this in your vacation days.

So here are a few tips to get rid of this nasty habit of your cat and get back to your long waited hours of morning sleep.

Try not to get mad at the cat because of its morning nature and act patiently on the process of teaching it to get some extra sleep.

Make sure that your room is as dark as possible and do not respond in any way to your cat’s requests in the mornings.

Feed the cat twice a day on a very tight schedule and do not give it food immediately after you wake up. Feed the cat before you go to bed, this way it will be encouraged to sleep longer.

Pay attention to the cat during the day and play with it, be patient and change its routine and you will see that the wake up calls will disappear after a while.


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