How Much Is Your Pet’s Life Worth?

pet careAny responsible pet owner makes sure that their dog, cat or tarantula is kept in the best possible physical shape and will always endeavour to give them whatever annual shots or medication needed to keep them in the best of health.

The problem is that for many responsible pet owners the stresses and strains of the financial crisis mean that they are suffering with having to make financially based decisions about their beloved animal’s health.

Anecdotal evidence from U.S. veterinarians indicates that many pet owners are putting off annual shots essential for pet’s health until “next month” and are in more of a quandary when it comes to health problems related to older pets.

Veterinarians are saying that people are now more inclined to step back and consider the length of time the animal may live and the quality of life it may have compared to a couple of years ago when the financial crisis began.

The clear indication is that previously pet owners would simply say yes go ahead do the surgery whereas now they are having to seriously consider if they can afford to pay perhaps hundreds of dollars in order to save an animal’s life who may be reaching the end of their natural life span.


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