The Pets And The Pain After Losing An Owner

Pets and their owners are emotional and physically linked and it is a medical proven fact. Therefore, pets’ owners should think about the time, when they are not going to be able to look after their pets.

According to a recent statistic, in the U.S., there are 33. 9 million households that own dogs and 28.3 millions that own cats. Lots of vets are asking what will happen after the owner’s death. The answer is sad, because most likely the pet will stay without any owner.

pet owners 1Therefore, there is a popular step, which many owners take-the so called “death pet care” or pet care after owner’s death. This care is usually part of their will and it is used to provide care for the pet that will stay without its beloved human companion.

The popular singer Dusty Springfield had exactly the same will. In her last will the singer demanded special cares for her cat Nicholas.

The cat’s bed should be lined with Dusty’s nightgown and Dusty’s songs should be played each night, when it’s her cat’s bedtime. This may sound a little bit odd, but actually the singer did the right thing.

The vets are claiming that pets are feeling the same pain as the humans, when a closer family member is dead. Actually the pets stop eating and playing, they feel the loss physically and emotionally. The right steps to help the pets in such situations are to make them comfortable in this new situation.

pet owners 2

Surround them with things that will remind them their owner. This can be some clothes, toys or linens. On the other hand, the pet needs to create new habits after its owner’s death. Therefore, many owners are considering some choices who will care for their pet, when they will no longer can.

pet owners 3The family members are the best solution, because the pet knows them and it is familiar with them. Friends are also an option, but make sure your pet knows and likes your friends.

The neighbors are considered as best option, because your dog or cat will remain living on the same territory and in the similar environment.

The stress for the pet is also an issue. When a pet’s owner is no longer able to take care of it, the pet can suffer from several diseases.

The change of the owners is also causing huge stress to the pet, so make sure after your death the pet will have a new owner and good environment.

Consult your vet about it and make sure he or she is able to suggest small local charities that are prepared to look after the pet.


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