What To Consider When Choosing Yorkie Puppy As Pet?

yorkie puppiesWhen choosing a puppy it is very important to choose one which best suits you and where you live.

Some pet owners make the mistake of thinking that any pet is a good pet but there are certain factors you need to take into consideration.

Like how much space does my dog need and how energetic it is. If you are the laid back type of person and you get a dog that’s bouncing off the walls then pretty soon the both of you will be frustrated.

The Yorkie puppies are dogs suitable for those with small homes as the yorkie is also a petite dog and doesn’t need too much space to run around.

The first tip I can give you is that it is best to buy yorkie puppies when they are about three months old because if yorkie puppies are sold too young you could encounter problems.

Make sure that when you go to pick it up that the breeder[dog breed] gives you all information relevant to the dog for example vaccination records and so on. Once you have this you can go from there.

The Yorkshire terrier usually comes in shades of blue grey and has long silky coats. The grooming of your yorkie puppies is a very important part of keeping your dogs happy. This particular dog requires that you brush its coat at least twice a week.

Regular checkups of the teeth, ears and eyes are also a must, not only for yorkies but also for any dog. These regular checkups also ensure that health problems are identified quickly.

The life expectancy of yorkie puppies is anywhere between 12 -15 years, which makes them wonderful companions. So another factor that comes in is, do you have the time and budget to take care of a new arrival in your family for that long.

You have to take into consideration that there are medical examinations and food costs to budget for. If you are going to get a dog then you have to be prepared to look after it properly.

One has to know the history of a Yorkshire terrier to appreciate their differences from other dogs. It was originally bred to catch rodents in the 1800’s and then later in the 1900’s it was bred for its beauty.

So if you were thinking that you are getting yourself an exercise dog then think twice about your choice because yorkies are not highly active dogs.

A brisk walk once in a while wouldn’t hurt though, just as long as you don’t over do it because you might cause exhaustion in your dog which is a bad thing.

Lastly yorkie puppies are very pretty dogs and need a lot of care so if you have got the time and want a lifelong companion then a yorkie is the dog for you and your children.


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