Find The Best Puppy Breeder If You Like To Have A Good Puppy!

Boxer puppies:

Boxer puppiesBoxer puppies love to be around people, especially children. This breed does not do well in extremely hot or cold climates.

Plenty of exercise is required for boxer puppies in order to stay fit and active.

Vaccination is essential for puppies; you must vaccinate your boxer puppy when you first get it, then get it yearly booster shots.

Meat is the essential ingredient for your boxer. You must also provide 30 percent crude protein, 20 percent of crude fat and 4 percent of fiber content for your boxer in order to attain healthy nutrition. This breed doesn’t bark much – except with justifiable cause.

Chihuahua puppy:

Chihuahua puppySelecting the right Chihuahua puppy is a critical task.

You must know the breed standards before selecting the good looking Chihuahua.

Not all Chihuahuas look the same; some are much more true to their type (the Chihuahua breed standard) than others.

These puppies will be small in size and it will be easy to take care of these puppies.

You must ask your vet which type of food will give perfect nutrition for your puppy and according to his suggestion, you have to provide the right nutrition for your Chihuahua puppy. Vaccination is essential for this puppy before getting it to your home.

Pug puppy:

Pug puppyThe pug originated in China centuries ago is considered a prized possession by many Chinese emperors.

You have to provide optimum environment for your pug.

These pugs will do well in small homes as well as in apartments, but you must provide regular activity and exercise to keep them healthy and fit.

You should not focus your dog to the outside environment because extremely warm temperatures can cause this breed to overheat. Regular brushing and occasional bath is necessary for your pug to look and feel best.

Yorkie puppy:

Yorkie puppyBefore you receive your new yorkie, there are two things that you should do.

The first is to find a vet that you feel comfortable with and trust.

Secondly, you need to puppy proof your house. The ten household items that can kill your dog are chocolate, antifreeze, Tylenol, bleach, moth balls, watch batteries, mouthwash, fabric softeners and other detergents, household plants and peach pits.

Proper puppy care is essential for your puppy regarding feeding, napping, grooming, bathing, clipping nails, ears and teeth, etc.

Shih Tzu puppy

Shih Tzu puppyThe Shih Tzu puppy contains a long dense and abundant double coat.

The profuse and luxurious outer-coat will be slightly wavy and often sweeps the ground.

The undercoat will be wooly and soft in texture. This Shih Tzu puppy is often referred as small lion because of its study, small and intelligent nature.

Extensive grooming is required for this puppy and you need to brush daily to prevent tangles, mats and knots.

These puppies are not suitable for humid climates and regular walk/exercise is necessary for them.


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