Characteristics Which Help You To Know About Boxer Dog!

Boxer DogOne of the amazing breed in the dogs that any one aspire to get is a “boxer dog”.

These dogs have their individual behavior signs differing from other dog breeds.

The specific behavioral signs of this dog will itself let you know that it is a “boxer dog”.

The first look of a boxer dog can give you an impression of fearful, unattractive and awkward animal.

But, slowly this opinion changes and it will overcome by the grace, aptitude and affection of the dog.

The name “boxer dog” came from the way the boxer likes to use his front paws for just about everything. These dogs are stocky medium sized build. The temperament of these boxer dogs are active, playful, loyal, family oriented, intelligent, alert and have high energy levels.

The boxer dog can’t sit in one place- it always moves around and are always curious about the new things.

How ever, the boxer dog is not for every one. If you are looking for a pet that will lie down at your feet, move around occasionally and which does not seek much attention, then give up the idea of having a boxer dog as these dogs seek much attention, have loads of energy and require lot of entertainment.

Boxer puppies should be isolated from the mom and other siblings when it is in the age of 7 weeks. More than that period of attachment can make your puppy learn biting and fighting.

Characteristics of boxer dogs:

  • The boxer dog walks with its head straight and steady from puppy stage. Very intelligent, always ready to fight and are highly alert.
  • These are highly energetic and aggressive in nature as this is the nature of their breed. They always need attention and supervision of the owner.
  • Boxers have a protective instance when strangers are around their masters or owners. When untreated properly, they can even attack them. So, proper training is necessary from the puppy stage.
  • As they are very suspicious, they should be exposed to friendly people to know the difference between threatening people and non threatening people to decrease the aggressive behavior.
  • If trained properly, boxer dogs are friendly with other pets at your home and do not harm any of them other than cats. If brought up together, the boxer may not hurt the cat.
  • Very aggressive and dominant with other dogs, especially with the dogs of same sex.
  • When not trained properly, the boxer dogs may some times chase other pets or even kill them.

Training the boxer dogs:

  • Boxer puppies are very obedient and are lively. The training should start from the 6th month of the puppy to learn proper manners and behavior.
  • The trainer should have a lot of experience in training boxer dogs. He should be able to recognize the nature and should be able to correct it.
  • As these are very intelligent dogs, they do not need much repetition in the training, can understand and get along very soon.
  • These dogs have high energy levels, so they need a trainer who has the same energy levels which match their frequency.
  • The boxer dogs should be trained to get along with children. If properly socialized from a puppy stage, they will be ideal play mates.
  • Boxer dogs are natural guardians, usually weary with strangers and protective towards their own people. If not trained properly, they will attack on strangers.

Bad behavior of boxer dog will drive you crazy. So, proper care should be taken from the puppy stage to overcome this problem.


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