When Dogs Become Heroes, They Help Humans Without The Sense Of Pride

Buddy isn’t just a hero and the people of Alaska know this. Actually Buddy’s behavior is an eventual plot of any Hollywood movie, just because Buddy is a dog, which saved his owner’s life.

Sounds impossible, but this dog surely think and have instincts just as any human being.

The German shepherd did the impossible as it guided the Alaska State Troopers through winding back roads to his owner’s workshop, which was burning in a huge fire. The dog basically saved its owner’s life, as well as it helped the fireman to do their duties.

The dog’s owner Ben Heinrich is said to be amazed about the 5-year old Buddy attitude. Ben and Buddy were stuck in the burning workshop, when Ben noticed the dog, while he was trying to prevent the fire.

Buddy immediately tried to bring help and obviously succeeded. His owner is now out of danger due to Buddy’s reaction. The dog is awarded and received a commendation from the Alaska authorities. Now Buddy is the local hero in Alaska. The dog is said to be extremely popular, after the incident.


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