The Steps to Take if your Puppy Bites: 5 Possible Solutions

Puppies are a lot of fun to play with and make a lovely companion. But since puppies are small and are not that well trained they may develop inappropriate biting habits.

It is thus advised that a puppy be trained as early as possible. There are a number things that can be done or steps that can be taken to stop the biting or at least curb it to an appropriate level. Here are a few steps/ tips to be followed to teach a puppy the dos and don’ts of biting.

the steps to take if your puppy bites

  • Puppies do not realise how hard they may be biting. So understand that it is a genuine mistake and stay calm. Also unleashing anger on your puppy every time he bites you is not going to solve anything, instead it may make the biting habit worse.
  • To make the puppy understand how hard a bite is acceptable, play with him. Let him bite your hand in the play but as soon as he bites you too hard make a yelp sound and pull back. You can also pull back the bitten limb and shuffle it around as to indicate hurt or pain. Stop playing for a bit. Dogs are smart creatures and they understand you actions.

The puppy will realise the meaning of the high yelp or the pull back and will eventually learn that his bites are hurting you. He will soon modify his behaviour and will bite you only playfully and moderately. But this will happen only after you have repeated these lessons a few times.

  • Sometimes dogs can be acting out the excess of nervous energy by displaying inappropriate biting. So all you have got to do is play and exercise with your dog on a regular basis to expend all that extra energy. But do make it a point to avoid aggressive games.
  • Another way to handle the dog biting situation is to spray a taste deterrent on the parts of the body your puppy bites while playing with you. This way when he/ she bites you while playing the taste will make him/ her pull back, and will eventually negate the biting habit.
  • If nothing is working well with your puppy and he/ she continues to bite you too hard, then it will be better to seek help from a professional. There are many good dog trainers that can train properly train your pup.


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