Do-It-Yourself Puppy Potty Training

Puppy training can be very interesting and fun to do, but puppy potty training? Few puppy owners will ever admit they love it. Puppy potty training is not easy; it requires a lot of your attention, patience and effort to train them.

Now, if you’re tired of cleaning after them, smelling that stinky thing they get rid off and the feeling of wanting to slap their butts, you may want to consider these few but effective puppy potty training tips:

Conversation reinforcement

Talking to your dog about your pending plans to do a puppy potty training will help.

Just remember, don’t be too pliant when talking about it nor hard on your puppy when saying it. Keep saying it over and over whenever you have the chance to hold or pet it.

Outside location

Choose a location outside where your pup can start doing the puppy potty training. After eating and drinking, wait for several minutes and walk your dog to the designated area where they can do their business.

Try using a single consistent word that you can say when they’re going potty for them to realize and remember the routine. Some people would say “hurry up” or “here we are” and sometimes “ok you have 2 minutes” this way, your puppy will know he’s got to do the deed.

Crate training

Crate training allows you to provide a crate for your puppy when he can do their eating and drinking habits. Make sure that this crate is near their potty location. After eating, wait at least 30 minutes and walk them to their potty location.


Once you started the procedure of puppy potty training make sure you are consistent on doing so. Do not break the rules you made until such time your puppy begins to pick up the routine.


This is very important. Puppy potty training can’t be done and perfected in a day or two.

At least give your pup two weeks to get used to the idea of having to do their business outside. That is why it is very important to be consistent as this will help in getting them to the routine.

Clean up

If your puppy has been doing their business inside the house, they will most likely to repeat it if they smell something that has been there before. Make sure you clean up well and leave no traces; this will help you get more positive results in your puppy potty training.


Devote your time and effort on this procedure. You can simultaneously go with consistency when you don’t have enough time to do the puppy potty training with your pet. If you are not at home enough to follow schedules and routines, your pup will likely to fail the procedure.

Shower praises

When your puppy does a good job, make sure you shower it with praises, and if you’re up to it, give the pup treats.

This way, your pet will feel you appreciate what it has done and is more likely to do it again. Do not resort to violent and punishing tone as this may cause aggressiveness.


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