Training Tips for Chocolate Lab Puppies

The pet owners looking for training tips for chocolate lab puppies should know that these dogs have a natural desire to please their masters so they enjoy learning new tricks and making their owners happy. One of the best ways to bond with the puppy is to teach him new things.

Training Tips for Chocolate Lab Puppies

The treat

First you have to hold a treat in your hand and give the puppy a sign to come to you. Don’t forget that labs enjoy eating, so offering a treat ensures your success.

When the puppy gets close to you, lower your hand to the floor. Most probably he will also lower himself.

This one of the tips for chocolate lab puppies’ training tells you that in the moment when the puppy lowers himself you should say the command ‘down!’ Give him the treat when he lies down. Then praise him and pet or cuddle him.

‘Let’s go!’

When thinking about the training tips for chocolate lab puppies, you may want to teach the dog to walk on a leash. For this put the leash on the dog and say the command. Start walking, but don’t pull the leash. Walk in the other direction as well until the dog starts following you.

The moment he starts walking, you should offer the puppy a treat and praise him. Repeat the process until the dog understands what you want from him. After that you will be able to practice on the street as well.


Hold a treat in your hand and move it towards the back of the dog’s head. He will instinctively sit down to get it and then you have to say the command. When the puppy sits down you have to praise him and give him the treat.


Have the dog sit down and say the command. Then hold your hand out. Reach for the paw of the puppy and bend it at the elbow. Then praise the puppy and offer him a treat.

You can be sure that these training tips for chocolate lab puppies work with all the puppies and they will start learning new tricks very fast.


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