Feed Your Puppy – Nutrition Plays An Important Part In Raising!

Feed Your PuppySelecting the appropriate breed according to your mentality is a tough job.

If you want a pet which looks more ferocious and scary in order to provide security for your property, then go for the big breeds such as Alsatian, Labrador, etc.

otherwise you can go for puppies which look so cute and beautiful.

Puppies look so cute and they are playful. Don’t think in such a way that puppies cannot give complete protection and security!

They will be attentive and certainly they can give good protection. It will be the great companion for your family members because it will be affectionate to the people who adopt it.

The primary step in the direction of house training for your puppy is to observe it. You must have keen observation on certain aspects such as at what time does it relieve itself?

Where does it go? And what do he look like while he has to ease himself? Does he wag his tail, wiggle, run around or sniff the ground?

Look closely for these warning signs so that if you observe your puppy doing this inside your house, you can stop her or him by putting your puppy outside immediately before it can wreak further havoc or by blocking your puppy’s way.

Your puppies will grow extremely fast in the first 15 months. You must provide good nutritious food in that time and this can be achieved by high quality dog foods. Good nutrition will make your puppies to grow into healthy adults without any major disease or illness.

Growing puppies needs larger amount of proteins also because rapid growth can be obtained in the joints, muscles and bones. The proteins will make the muscles, joints and bones strong.

Try to provide good food which has high nutritional, protein and calorie value. While feeding your puppy, try to keep in mind that strong food will make your puppy strong and in the same way you must not over feed the puppy.

You have to feed your puppies three times a day. After they reach age of four, you can decrease their daily feeding that means you can feed two times per day. You have to take the extreme measures for your puppy if he does not eat the right puppy food at the right time.

Puppy can get certain health problems due to less consumption of food. When he has diarrhea or other health problems, you must also make sure how many feedings and how much food is going to be best for him.

Your puppy will be healthy by giving the proper nutrition. He will be playful and healthy. You can enjoy a lot with your puppy if he is healthy and active.


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