Tips for House Training a Puppy

While it is true that it is a daunting job to potty train a puppy, the good news is that even old dogs can learn new tricks. There are a few tips for house training a puppy that you could use. The most important thing to remember is that you should never lose your temper because it will only make things worse.

Tips for House Training a Puppy

Access and the puppy house training tips

One of the most important tips that you should try is to restrict the access of the dog to the house. This will greatly decrease the chances of having an accident. If he gets used to peeing or defecating to a given place, most probably he will go on with this habit.

Keep an eye on him

The house training tips for puppies usually tell the owners to keep an eye on their pet. This is because they usually sneak off to have an accident. If the puppy disappears you can be sure that he is up to no good.

Get some fresh air

According to the tips for house training a puppy it is not enough to let the dog out. It is best if you accompany him so that you will see whether he takes care of business or not. Besides this, you will spend some quality time together and you will learn more about his routine.


When it comes to the advice for puppies’ house training it is common to notice that the dog has a favorite spot that he usually ‘visits’. One of the options that you have is to put his food there because he won’t defecate where he eats. However there is no guarantee that he won’t find a new spot.


If you spend some time away from home, the tips for house training a puppy tell you to use a baby gate or a crate. It is pointless to watch out for the behavior of the dog while you are at home if he can do whatever he pleases once you leave. Crates are a magnificent tool for house training.

Choosing where

The people looking for tips for house training a puppy should make sure that they are actually decided on whether they want the dog to do his ‘job’ outside or inside. If sometimes he has to go out but other times he doesn’t, it will be really confusing for him.


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