How to Keep Your Home Clean With Animals In the House

Having a pet is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether you have a cuddly canine, fluffy feline or something more exotic, getting a pet doesn’t always have to mean additional work for keeping the house clean. With a little forward planning and some diligent domestic routines, you can enjoy your pet and still maintain your standards with ease.

Set the ground rules

Before your new pet even enters your home, it’s important to set out the ground rules. Don’t worry – these rules are not for your pet, so no training is involved! These are rules for you and for other family members, designed to make your life easier. Consider things like:Animals In the House

Which rooms in the house will the pet be allowed into?

Where will they eat and sleep?

How will you stop your pet getting bored? Consider exercise, quality time and toys.

Will your pet need grooming? If so, how often?

Feeding without the fuss

A utility room or garage if you have them, are great places for feeding your pet. Keeping their food away from yours in an easy-to-clean place is essential for a clean and hygienic routine.

For dogs and cats, a mix of wet and dry foods is best for their health, but wet food in particular will need to be cleared away swiftly once they have had enough to eat. Wet food like tinned meat and fish can attract flies, which can cause health problems for your pet if eggs are laid in the meat and they then consume it. Try and train your animal to eat up, so you can wash their bowls straight away.

Fight the fur

The first investment to make when you are considering a free-roaming pet is a high quality vacuum cleaner. The vax carpet cleaner is a particularly well recommended one for dealing with pet hair and if anyone in the family has an allergy or suffers with asthma it’s a good idea to look for one with a HEPA filter, as this will remove irritants from the floors and furnishings.

If you can, it’s a good idea to get rid of your carpets altogether. Wood floors are very fashionable at the moment and much easier to clean, so getting a pet can be a great opportunity to modernise your home too. Rather than investing in expensive lint rollers to get the fur off your clothes, you can simply wrap a length of Sellotape around your hand, sticky side out, and dab it on your clothing to get rid of the hair.

Sleeping soundly

There are all manner of cute, quilted pet beds on the market, which look snug and cosy and are a popular choice for many. However, they are a nightmare to clean so for the sake of your pet’s comfort choose a wicker basket or plastic bed, as this can be easily cleaned and sanitised once a month or so.

Keeping your pets bed is about more than just tackling the odours that can manifest in their bedding. Mites and fleas can make their homes in blankets and the folds of quilts, biting your pet and making their bed not so cosy at all.


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