What Are the Different Types of Dogs for Kids

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds.

If you are looking at getting a dog and have kids around, then you would definitely want a family-friendly one or more precisely, a kid-friendly dog.

Different Types of Dogs for Kids

Golden Retriever

Retrievers are the smartest dogs on the planet. They are confident, kind and loyal dogs. They have a good temperament and are extremely patient. All these superlatives qualify them as the best companions for kids. It needs a lot of exercise and hence loves playing with children.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are big sized dogs but are very friendly, loving and playful. They are very protective of their master especially small children. Hence they are the most reliable among dog breeds. Its beauty and sweet personality complement the intelligence of the species, making it a perfect family-pet.


Though they look a bit on the not-so-smart side due to the strange haircuts, poodles are sharp, coming only next to Labradors. They are smart and gentle and seldom annoyed they shed very little hair and hence suited for kids having allergies.

Irish Setter

These popular red haired dogs are energetic, playful and very social. They get along well with children as their high energy levels meet the requirements of children. They are easy to train and hence suited for families with bigger house plans.


This is not a very popular breed but one of the best for kids. They are quiet, loyal and affectionate. Hence they are suited for households with very small children. Their ability to bond with the family and learn new tricks makes them additionally qualified for the job. What is more, it has very faint doggy smell that makes it ideal for those who are conscious of it.


They have been nicknamed “Nature’s babysitters”, which points to the fact that Newfoundland is a born baby lover breed. Though known for their excessive shedding and drooling, they are not a yard dog. They are very much indoor dogs and good for houses with lots of space. They are also great swimmers and can jump into a pool and rescue a kid if required.

One last thing to remember is that most big dogs are the friendly type and ideal for kids. Small dogs are highly nervous, very insecure and not suitable for children. Also, mutts are a better option than pounds. So go ahead, choose from the different types of dogs for kids and bring home the new addition to your family.


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