A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Puppy Food

Deciding on getting a puppy home is a decision that is difficult enough to make.

But once you have done that the next step before bringing one home should be to ask what, how much and when to feed your puppy.

Here is a quick guide on what is available and how to choose the best puppy food.

How to Choose the Best Puppy Food

Adult dog food is not puppy food

The first thing to remember before buying or preparing food for your puppy is that adult dog food and puppy food are two different things. Puppies have nutritional needs that are very different from their adults. They require more of protein, calcium and fat in their diet.  They must also be in proper balance as variations can cause problems. Commercial foods are the best bet for those who are new to taking care of dogs and puppies in particular.

Categories of commercial puppy food

Puppy food can be broadly classified into 3 types namely – Super-premium, Premium and Regular.

Super premium food

This category of foods has the highest density of nutrition in them and is very good for digestion. They use the best and expensive range of nutrients in them. Due to their high nutrient value, the pup need not need too much of it. Hence it is more value for money.  It has good amounts of fat in it and hence very tasty. High rate of digestibility enables more food assimilation and hence less wastage. Picky and fussy eaters are the ones who will benefit most from this variety of puppy food. They are available at premium pet outlets or the vet’s office.

Premium food

They are not as expensive as the super-premium variety, but contain quality ingredients. They work fine for an average puppy and are available at most grocery stores.

Regular or generic foods

These are the most inexpensive of the lot and sold in all discount outlets and grocery stores. They are less attractive due to lower fat content and lower digestibility. They contain a lot of fillers and have less nutritional value and hence end up as dump.

Specialty brands

This is another category that includes both premium and super premium brands. They are very expensive because of the limited stock and available only at specialty outlets.

If still intrigued by how to choose the best puppy food, we suggest that you go for the premium varieties as these are more value and more nutrition for your pup.


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