Garden Birds Facts for Kids

It has always been the dream of many children to have birds in the garden. If you have kids you might be interested in garden bird facts for kids. The majority of these facts involve ways of making the birds move to your garden and to have them return year after year.

Garden Birds Facts for Kids

Great tits and blue tits

It is good to know about these birds that they appear depending on the abundance of caterpillars in the garden since these are great to feed the little ones.

One family can have about 10,000 caterpillars before they move on.

Coal tits

In case you are thinking about the facts regarding garden birds for kids, you should know that these birds are something like ants. When they have a lot of food they don’t just eat what they need but they make provisions by hiding seeds such as sunflower seeds.


There are some interesting garden bird facts for kids regarding this bird as well. It is a known fact that these birds have the same partner their whole life. However it is possible for them to have several mates at once.


Back in the days when people received milk at their doorstep, the birds often pierced the top of the bottle and they helped themselves to the milk. This habit almost disappeared when low fat milk became popular.


The garden bird facts for kids include that these animals are also social beings. The birds who stay in cold regions for the winter, such as wrens often sleep together to keep each other warm. It is interesting to know that at one point people found 63 birds in only one nest.


It looks like people didn’t come up with the blue for boy and pink for girl thing. The children’s facts about garden birds include that people can tell the sexes apart in case of starlings based on the color of the bill’s base: if it is blue, it is a boy and if it is pink, it is a girl.

There are a lot of garden bird facts for kids that the children should know about to get to know the inhabitants of their garden.


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