4 Easy And Quick Ways To Groom Your Dog Properly

dog groomDo you groom your dog regularly? When you have dog as a pet, grooming and taking good care of your pet on a regular basis is part of your obligation and responsibility of being a good owner.

Regular visits to the dog clinic for grooming can be expensive, so learn how to groom your dog properly at home.

Quick ways to groom a dog

  1. Brush the coat: If you have short haired dogs like Miniature Pinscher, brushing the hair can be literally simple. But if you own thick haired dog breeds like Chihuahua, grooming your dog can be time consuming. However, if you purchase the accurate grooming equipment for your dog, it can save time.
  2. Clip nails of dog: This is an extremely important part of dog grooming and prevent splintering of dog nails. While clipping your pet’s nails clip the tips of the nails and see that you don’t clip the skin part of the nail that can lead to nail bleeding.
  3. Check for mites: This is particularly important if your dog has floppy ears. Clean the ears of your dog regularly and clear the dirt, ticks and mites present in the ears for better hygiene.
  4. Bathe the dog: While bathing your dog, ensure that you put cotton balls in your dog’s ears and use mild moisturizing shampoo to enhance the flaky skin of your dog.


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