Tips to Keep the Pawed-Ones Cool

The scorching summer heat can be very uncomfortable for you and your pets. The difference being that you can and have simulated facilities to cool yourself down and they don’t, apart from the physiological cooling system. When their homeostasis is disturbed due to the rising temperature and their natural cooling system fail to function satisfactorily, adverse consequences such as heat stroke, sunburn and dehydration follow.

When outdoor with your dog in summers, be cautious about any visible signs of illness. In case of adversities, call your veterinary physician immediately to prevent severity.

This article provides you with a list of preventive measures you can adopt to keep your dog safe from the burning summer heat.

keep the pawed-ones cool

Ways to Keep your Dog Safe in Summers

Automobile-The Death Trap

In summers, especially, never keep your dog unattended when your car is parked. The temperature inside vehicles can elevate to perilous levels which can be disastrous for your pets trapped inside it. If you take your dog on errands, then see to it that someone stays in the running, air-conditioned car along with your dog, though a better option is to leave your dog at home.

Outdoor Sport

Avoid prolonged sun exposure on hot days as it not only increases the risk of sun-stroke but also can cause sunburns. Apply sunscreen specially manufactured for pets and consider providing shady areas and generous amount of cool, fresh water. Also, remember to protect your dog’s soft, paddy feet from getting seared by the heated pavement.


Summer and swimming comes hand in hand. However, certain preventive methods are often forgotten by the dog owners. When at seaside, always keep an on your dog. Do not allow him to drink the seawater as it contains high amount of salt causing dehydration, and deadly parasites which can result in stomach infections. Give your dog a nice, cool bath after swimming in a pool as chlorine can cause skin irritations and upset its gastrointestinal system.

Seasonal Allergies

Potential allergies such as fleas, molds and flowers can affect your dog during the summer season particularly. These seasonal allergies can cause skin eruptions, coughing, sneezing and discomfort. Application of canine antihistamine when required and avoidance of allergic triggers can solve this seasonal problem.

Cool them

Cool your pets by covering them with wet mat, cooling body wrap or vests. Offer your dogs a frequent bath with cool water to lower their body temperature. And, a word of advice, fans don’t do any good to cool your pet down. Dogs have different cooling system which do not respond to fanning.

Excruciating heat can bother your four-legged companion. So, in this summer, follow the above tips to keep them comfy and cool.

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