Dog Games – Bonding Ideas For You And Your Pet

Your dog is probably your one best friend who will be there for you whatever happens. It is a good feeling don’t you think? Now, what do you actually do to thank him for being there? I’d say not much.

Dogs don’t demand, and the least you can do is to have a bonding time with him. Dog games are a good way to keep him happy.

Try the following dog games to help you develop a closer bond with your dog:

Fetch game

One of the most common dog games is the fetch. You teach your dog how to fetch something that you throw like a stick or his favorite small toy.

It is a fun and excellent bonding game wherein the dog will exercise his body running after something. It is also an excellent way to train him to fetch objects.

Meanwhile, you can also do this dog games in the water, but make sure not to throw the toy too far to avoid drowning and putting your dog in danger.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is one of the few dog games you can play with another friend. Either you or your friend will hide behind trees or bushes in the park.

Get your friend to hold the harness and leash of your dog and accompany him in finding you. When he does, reward him with a treat or more sweet games he truly loves.

Hiding things such as bones, toys or a stick and trying to get your dog to go find them is another one of those exciting dog games you can play together. Make sure you don’t hide it in very difficult places for him to find it easier and get his treat or reward.

Obstacle course

Obstacle course is one of the favorite dog games played these days. Teach your dog to jump on obstacles or go through tunnels. This will boost his reflexes as well as his running abilities.

These types of dog games require patience of the owner as the dog may not appreciate it the first time and won’t even jump or too scared to go inside the plastic tunnel. When this happens, do not lose hope and keep trying until such time he gets used to the idea.

Avoid harsh talk with your dog if he’s not able to comply with the dog games, instead, encourage him to do the task and give him a treat whenever he accomplishes something. This will make him feel appreciated and feel the joy of doing the game again.

Dog games are not expensive, in fact they are free. All you need is your time and effort to be with your beloved pet. Take your dog for a long walk, and while doing this you can play all sorts of dog games. Playing games can help build your bond stronger and more lasting.


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