Dog Grooming – To Keep The Dog Away From Diseases!

Dog GroomingMany will have doubt why dog grooming should be done. Here is the reason.

Do you like your dog to be stinking, ugly and prone to diseases? No one likes this, so grooming is the way to keep your dog clean and tidy.

Not only dog food plays a vital role in the health of your dog but grooming also plays an important role.

The basic equipments needed in grooming your dog:

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Shampoo
  • Clippers for properly cutting nails
  • Wash cloth
  • Cotton balls
  • Blind fold to avoid shampoo to get into eyes of your dog
  • Slicker brush to remove tangles

Dog grooming is inexpensive and does not require much of your time. Regular dog grooming keeps its teeth, nails, gums and skin coat healthy which are often said as the healthy signs of dog.

How dog grooming is done?

It’s not just getting your dog bathe, shampooing, washing or brushing. There are other things that should be followed while grooming the dog.

  • Bathing the dog properly. Brushing the coat to spread natural oils.
  • Trimming nails using clippers once in a month and having a blood-clotting powder by side, in case of any accident.
  • Antiseptic dip to free your dog from lice, ticks, fleas and external parasites.
  • Washing hair, hair clipping, styling and cutting the extra fur. Nail clipping, teeth cleaning and powdering.
  • Cleaning Ears and checking for parasites, the inside skin and flap should be in pale pink color, if not visit a doctor.
  • Cleaning the teeth, brushing the teeth using pet tooth paste with a brush having soft bristles.

Benefits of dog grooming:

  • Grooming gets rid of the dead hair and enhances the beauty of the coat or fur.
  • Clean the tangles in very active and playful dogs. Cleaning avoids accumulation of dirt in tangles, which prevents irritation of the skin.
  • Dog grooming Improves the blood flow in the fossils and manages the skin healthy.
  • Grooming pleases your dog and improves its emotional state.
  • Dog grooming shows a reflection of the care you show on the dog. Bonds trust and love between you and your dog.
  • Grooming regularly will cut down the allergies and infections which are attacked to your dog.

Neglecting grooming will be costly to the dog’s health and its owner too.

Most people don’t groom their dogs due to these reasons:

  • Afraid of doing some thing wrong with their dog.
  • Afraid of giving a bad hair cut when it comes to cutting the extra grown fur.
  • Afraid of hurting the dog because they do not have skills of doing the job.

If you are afraid of dog grooming at your place, try to take it to some veterinarian or animal hospital which provides grooming services.


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