4 Things To Avoid When Going To A Dog Park

dog parkDoes your dog love to run and play? Your dog really loves to play and run, but you don’t encourage him because of many reasons, like you have no perfect place to encourage your dog to play.

If you’ve decided to take your dog out for play, you can take him to the dog park.

Here are a few things that you should avoid essentially when going for Dog Park.

  1. Baby stroller
  2. Even though it can be quite watchful for your little one in a dog park, it can be really dangerous for your toddler. This is because when dogs are in the mood to play, they have something else in mind other than just playing or fetching. If your dog plays with the stroller, it can be dangerous for your toddler.

  3. Dog treats
  4. You have enough amounts of food for every dog in the park, so it is highly recommended not to take dog treats to any dog park. [Dog Foods]

  5. New high heeled shoes
  6. A dog park can be a really messy place, so avoid wearing your brand new high heeled shoes when taking your pet to a dog park. Even avoiding wearing leather shoes would be a wise decision.

  7. Expensive toys
  8. Always remember, dogs don’t know the difference between a squeaky toy and a tennis ball. So unless you feel it is okay or don’t mind it destroyed, it is not advised to bring expensive toys to Dog Park.


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