Puppy Love – True Love And Real Love

Have you ever thought about what your pet feels for you? Perhaps not, because your love is enough and your reward for taking care of your pet is to see the way it expresses emotions and jump of joy, when you enter the house back from work.

puppiesThere are several researches about pets’ emotions, but no one of them could really tell what exactly feels your dog. Is it love or just instinct to obey the hand, which gives food and care?

We can’t exactly say that pets feel love the way we do, because saying that would change the world, but what we know are those signs, which our pets express. They are proving that pets actually do feel love. As pet owners we can systematize what we do know about their emotions.

We can see three basic characteristics of their emotions. Pets possess strong affection and everyone knows and sees their joy, when you pay attention to them.

Another characteristic is the warm attachment. When the pet owner is sad, the pet can feel it and it usually comes near you to snuggle. The loyalty is their third indicator of emotions, which we can call love.


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