Wealth Is Able To Make Wildlife As Home Pets

Exotic pets! What would you like to add to your repertoire? That is if you had the money to afford them!

How about rare Sumatran Tigers? If you happen to live in Indonesia and can afford a billion Rupiah (about $107,000) in loose change, then you can have a pair of these rare animals for pets. And yes, this not a joke or a scam.

The Sumatran Tiger population is fast dwindling thanks to hunting and uncontrolled deforestation. In an effort of conserving this species, the Indonesian government has come up with the novel scheme of renting out the rare species.

If you are super rich and don’t mind the tag, you can get yourself a pair of these rare captive born animals. The animals may be living at your premises but they will still be state property. And in case you no longer want them, they can be returned to the government.

You will have to keep them in a cage with minimum dimensions of 16’*19’*32’. A government inspection team of animal welfare officers and vets will visit the animals every three months.

This scheme has drawn some flak from the conservationists but general sentiment is in favor of it. It may be an unorthodox step but will work in favor of the animals plus there already is a queue of status conscious people who want these animals for pets.


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