What Is the Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs That Can Be Made at Home

Fleas are to dogs what lice are to humans. A flea infested dog is not only irritable but also suffers from related skin problems.

Most synthetic flea medications have side effects and are also less effective with time because the parasites are developing resistance to the medications.

So how to help your dog in distress when it is infested with fleas.

The best way to answer the question “What is the best natural flea treatment for dogs” lies in going the natural way.

What Is the Best Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

Here are a few solutions to the problem that can give your best friend an itch-free time:

Rosemary flea solution

To prepare this dip, soak 2 cups of rosemary leaves for 30 minutes in boiling water. Strain the liquid and add a gallon of warm water to it. Once it is cool enough pour it over the coat of the dog. Allow it to dry naturally. This is particularly useful during summers when the weather is warm and ideal for flea infestation.

Lavender Oil

First wash the dog thoroughly and dry it with a towel. Then apply drops of lavender oil (available at the local chemist shop) to the neck and base of the tail.

Brewer’s Yeast

Adding brewer’s yeast to the dog’s food is a good way to repel fleas. This can be done by using appropriate doses after consultation with the veterinarian.

Apple cider vinegar

By adding just one spoon of this vinegar to the dog’s drinking water will make his skin acidic and less palatable to the fleas. Thus the fleas can be repelled. However, if the vinegar makes your dog hate drinking water you can spray the solution over the dog’s skin and make it work like a topical flea repellant mix.

Lemon Spray

Similar to the vinegar mix is the lemon water steeped in boiling water overnight. Use the solution next day to spray over the dog especially around the areas where fleas are more commonly found – neck, base of tail, under the legs, behind the ears and over the head. Take care not to spray into the eyes.

Fortified foods

Adding some simple herbs to your dog feed makes for a stronger immune system and repels fleas. Some examples are – garlic, cod liver oil, nettle, red clover and St. John’s Wort. However, before introducing anything new, it is recommended you consult your dog’s veterinarian for safety and dosage related information on the supplement.

With these simple solutions in hand we hope your question “What is the best natural flea treatment for dogs” has been answered.


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