Know More About What Are the Side Effects of Dog Vaccinations

Vaccinations are normal annual routine for all pet dogs.

Some of the most common vaccinations given to dogs include: rabies, distemper, parvo, corona and adeno virus and Para influenza.

While most of them do just fine after the vaccination, some of the dogs experience side-effects.

Therefore, what are the side effects of dog vaccinations is the most FAQ among dog owners.

What Are the Side Effects of Dog Vaccinations

Here is a list of the most commonly encountered side-effects among dogs when subjected to vaccination shots:


Similar to those affecting humans after a vaccination, dogs too suffer from fever when vaccinated. This should be a low grade fever lasting not more than a couple of days. If it continues beyond this then rush your dog to the veterinarian for immediate attention. If occurrence of fever is a normal process in your dog then you could give him a mild dose of an antipyretic (temperature reducing drug), in consultation with the vet.

Pain and tenderness

Sometimes vaccine shots form a small bump at the injection site. This should ideally disappear within a few days without needing any intervention. The main precaution one has to take is not to touch the spot as it is tender and hurts the dog. The next time around, see if your veterinarian can administer the injection at some other spot to avoid the recurrence of the rash.


This is an indication that the dog needs immediate medical attention. It could be an allergic reaction to some component in the vaccine. Administering epinephrine, an anti-allergenic may be the stitch in time. If left unattended, the dog may become hypersensitive and collapse to death.


After vaccination, your dog could become dizzy and disoriented. This can be detected by observing the dog and see if it is bumping into things, falling down or stepping sideways. The dog needs some reassuring as it can become anxious about its fuzzy state. Take good care of the dog and he should slowly settle down.


It is normal for any dog to feel tired and exhausted after a vaccination. Most of them usually sleep off after reaching home and lie down for the rest of the day. He may seem lazy and not as active as normal. This is very common and should ideally settle down within a day or two. This kind of lethargy is common, but is a reason to be alarmed if it continues beyond the second day. Rush the dog to the doctor right away.

The above mentioned conditions are the quick guide to the common question what are the side effects of dog vaccinations. Should you find any other disturbing feature in your dog, then rush to the vet for advice.


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