6 Dog Nutrition Facts for Your Canine Friend

Your canine needs proper nutritious food to grow and live a healthy life.

A dog’s nutritional needs are very different from that of the humans.

Here are some quick dog nutrition facts to consider while deciding what to feed your dog.

Dog Nutrition Facts

Choose a brand that specifies portions based on dog size

Veterinarians insist that large sized dogs should be fed low concentrations of calcium and salt as compared to the medium and small varieties.Doing so prevents excess weight gain and quicker bone growth that is known to come in the way of healthy development of joints. Border collies, Bassett Hounds and Bull dogs are the large breed dog food – worthy dogs.

Choose age-appropriate dog foods

Puppies in the growth phase require more protein than their adult counterparts. Dogs that are more than 7 years old need lesser protein and salt containing foods as excesses place strain on the aging kidneys and may lead to kidney failure and other related health problems.

Include food brands that cater to special health conditions

If your dog is suffering from any health problems then special diet foods are available for them. They cater to a variety of problems such as sensitive skin, joint pains, obesity, sensitive stomachs etc. There are also special diets available for dogs that expend a lot of energy or those that are sedentary due to injury or old age.

Choose food that is meant for dogs and not other animals

Many people who own dogs also have other pets such as cats. This can result in cross feeding either consciously or without your knowledge. This can be detrimental to your dog’s health. Cat food is rich in protein, more than what most dogs need. Hence when your dog consumes cat food, it is prone to long term damage to vital organs such as kidneys and liver.

Right balance of vitamins and trace minerals

Choose a dog food brand that is fortified with vitamins and minerals. A right balanced diet is the key to your dog’s health. Referring the nutrition information on the food packaging can help you choose the right food for your breed. Try and avoid food that incorporates artificial preservatives, flavors and colors in them. These could trigger allergic reactions in your dog.

Keep the water fountain filled

The final but most important of dog nutrition facts is proper hydration throughout the day. Dehydration is very common among dogs as they have a very high perspiration rate. So even if you are gone for most part of the day, make sure you keep enough water for your dog.


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