How to Choose Dog Food for Skin Allergies Treatment

A pet dog suffering from skin allergies is the worst thing for its owner.

Just like humans, dogs are also affected by external allergens such as pollen, dust and chemical sprays.

These problems manifest through changes in the coat or behavior or both.

The first solution that any veterinarian would offer is to prescribe the right dog food for skin allergies treatment.

Dog Food for Skin Allergies Treatment

Causes for a skin allergy occurring in your dog are difficult to detect. It requires some introspection and recap of all that you fed and exposed the dog to.

It could be anything, from the oil that you use to some product that you use in the backyard or at home. Taking your dog to a vet is the best way to treat the allergy.The doctor would assess the dog through a clinical examination and then any diagnostic tests for confirming the exact allergy. Following this, the doctor suggests the relevant medication.

Recurrence of skin allergies can be prevented by choice of the right food for your dog. Here is a quick guide to what your dog food for skin allergies treatment should include:

Protein source

Game-based food is recommended for dogs with allergies as these animals are not raised on a diet of gluten such as wheat or corn – the most common allergens for dogs.


Commercial dog foods use fillers in them and these are carbohydrates which are hypoallergenic. Rice, peas and sweet potatoes are the fillers commonly used in packaged dog food. Choosing these can avert skin allergies in your dog.


Essential fatty acids under the omega-3 variety are very useful in preventing skin allergies in dogs. This can be provided by choosing a food supplement that can supply the daily requirement of 1000 mg omega-3 to the dog.

Fresh food

Fresh food is a good solution to prevent allergies in your dog. Care should be taken that the food should not contain raisins, macadamia nuts, grapes and onions. They are detrimental to a dog’s skin health.

Raw Food

Keeping the dog on a complete raw food diet is found to be beneficial to the canines. Uncooked meat and bones are known to strengthen the immune system of the dogs.

Following this diet for a period of six to eight weeks will show significant signs of improvement in your dog especially if it is already suffering from a pre-existing skin condition. Including the appropriate class of food components is the key to dog food for skin allergies treatment.


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