Dog Diet for Kidney Problems

Kidney disease is also known as renal disease and you should know that this is a common problem in case of dogs as they age. In order to treat the problem there is need to implement the dog diet for kidney problems. This way the job of the dog’s kidneys will become easier and life will become more pleasant for the pet.

Dog Diet for Kidney Problems

Low protein diets

In the past vets often recommended low protein diets for the dogs with this problem. In the past few years the researchers have found that by reducing the protein intake of the dogs, the masters do more harm than good, since protein is an important nutrient for dogs.

It is good to know about the dog’s diet for kidney problems that if they have few proteins, the pets can be affected by malnutrition. The researches show that dogs need a lot of fiber that keeps food moving through the colon so that the job of the kidneys will become easier.

Low phosphorus

It is common for the dog diet for kidney problems to come with little phosphorus. This is because the high amounts of phosphorus can damage the kidneys even more. It is important to control the phosphorus intake of the dog to slow down the failure of the kidneys.

Home cooked meals

When it comes to the dog diet for renal problems it is a good idea to prepare home cooked foods for the dog. It is important to follow given kinds of recipes that your vet can surely help you with. In this case it is important to remember that preparing the food takes time, so you might want to combine it with prescription diet.

The dog diet for kidney problems should come with chicken, potatoes, beef, eggs, rice, bread, flour, vegetable oil, green beans, garlic and carrots. Supplements also have an important role to play, including vitamin tablets and calcium tablets.

In case of the dog foods for renal failure following the recipe is mandatory. If you add other foods or seasoning to make the food more delicious for the dog, you are making a big mistake. Even if you don’t add other seasonings, most probably your dog will enjoy the meal you prepared.

It is important for you to talk to your vet about the dog diet for kidney problems because he or she knows the most about the health of the dog.


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