Symptoms of Dog Allergies

People don’t really think about the symptoms of dog allergies, but it is must to know that there are a lot of things that dogs can be allergic to. Usually these things seem harmless but in case of a dog with allergies the effects could be really dangerous.

Symptoms of Dog Allergies

How to know if the dog has dog allergies symptoms

In order to recognize the problem, you will have to keep a close eye on your pet. The most common symptoms include scratching the ears, chewing or licking the feet or the body, and the hair between the toes or on the paws has a reddish discoloration.

Some other dog allergies signs involve the dog scratching his face against the furniture or the floor, having bumps, pimples, rash or sores on the skin, watery and red eyes, ear infections, having a runny nose or sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing or coughing.

Some other symptoms of dog allergies

In case you are trying to figure out whether your dog has allergies you should make sure that your dog isn’t snoring, because this can be caused by an inflammation of the throat, caused by allergies. In the same time the dogs with allergies can have secondary yeast or bacterial infections.

Further information about the signs of dog allergies

The pet owners should remember that in case of dogs the signs of allergies are different than in case of men. If a person has grass allergies, he or she will sneeze and will have watery eyes. On the other hand if dog has grass allergy, he might have itchy feet that will make him bite it.

As it has been mentioned before regarding the symptoms of dog allergies, dogs can sneeze and can have watery eyes. However the most common symptom is scratching. Because of the scratching, he can have raised welts, open sores and he could even lose his hair.

The warning signs of dog allergies can appear at just any moment of dog’s life. Usually the problem appears when the dogs reach 2 years, but cases of allergy have been reported in case of puppies as young as 5 months.

Since the dogs don’t really know what is happening to them, it is the job of the pet owners to keep an eye out for the symptoms of dog allergies. They are the ones that can make the lives of the pets easier.


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