Diagnose Cat Illness Symptoms

If you really know your pet, for sure you will be able to diagnose cat illness symptoms. In fact any change in the behavior of the cat is a sign that there is something wrong. Although people often dismiss these signs, you should make sure that you don’t make this mistake.

Diagnose Cat Illness Symptoms

Diagnosing the symptoms of cat illnesses

One of the symptoms that you might notice is inappropriate elimination. If you see a change in the way the cat uses the litter box, you should talk to your vet immediately. Most probably he or she will run some tests to find the underlying cause so that you will be able to take appropriate measures.


No matter how strange it sounds, a cat urinating outside the litter box can help diagnosing cat illnesses signs. There are a lot of different medical conditions that could cause this symptom, such as diabetes mellitus, FLUTD, kidney failure or a urinary tract infection.

Appetite and thirst

After you get a cat you will get used to its drinking and eating habits. When trying to diagnose cat illness symptoms, you should take these into consideration as well. The causes leading to the change of the habits include diabetes, hyperthyroidism, pyometra, anemia, abscess, dehydration or intestinal obstruction.


The majority of the cats are outgoing, so when you are diagnosing the symptoms of cat illness you should see whether the cat starts hiding. This can be caused by a medical condition, anxiety, fear or trauma.

Behavioral habits

The people trying to diagnose cat illness symptoms should look out for behavior that is out of place. For instance, if your cat usually greets you when you get home, but it stops suddenly, you can be sure that there is something wrong. In this case there is no such thing as minor change.

The coat

It is important for cats for their coat to look nice so they spend a lot of time grooming it. When thinking about diagnosing signs of cat illnesses, this is one of the factors that you have to take into consideration. If the cat has a poor coat it can be caused by parasites, skin disorders or malnutrition.

The truth is that usually it takes a veterinarian to diagnose cat illness symptoms, but you, as the master of the cat, can see some of the signs as well. If the habits of the cat change, there is a trigger that leads to that change.


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