What Are the 6 Most Common Dog Food Allergies

Dogs, like humans can also suffer from food allergies. The most common dog food allergies are caused by wheat, meat, dairy products and fish.

About 80% of the food allergies among dogs are caused by these ingredients in their diet. They may be either inherent or developed allergies.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and skin conditions caused due to the increased immune reaction on contact with an allergen.

6 Most Common Dog Food Allergies

1. Meat

Most commercial dog food has beef and chicken included in them. If your dog is allergic to these ingredients, then removing them from its diet for a period of 3 weeks will make it clear. If the dog continues to present the same reaction then they are not the culprits. If you find that your dog is indeed to allergic to beef and chicken, then try replacing them with rabbit or venison meat. They are usually tolerated better by such dogs.

2. Wheat Products

Commercial dog foods use wheat for fillers. So before getting dog food from the pet store go through the nutrition facts on the packaging and choose one which is wheat-free. Avoid giving bread and bread crumbs to your dog to prevent any allergic reactions.

3. Dairy Products

Many dogs are intolerant to the lactose present in milk. Lactose intolerance is a common allergic condition and could be triggered by consuming milk, cream, cheese or yogurt.  It is also to be noted that a dog does not need milk in its diet.  But if your dog loves to drink milk go for lactose-free options.

4. Fish

Dogs can also be allergic to sea food and to some specific fish types or even fish in general. Commercial foods contain many sources of fish and hence should be avoided for your dog if it is found to be allergic to fish.

5. Soy Products

Canines are highly allergic to soy and hence make sure you read the labels before purchasing dog food. Eliminate all soy content in your dog’s diet.

6. Eggs

Dogs are also allergic to eggs. So it is wise to try and not give egg or egg products to dogs.


Some of the other most common dog food allergies are:

  • Certain veggies like corn and fruits like plums
  • Fillers used in food, preservatives and colorants

The important things to note about dog allergies are that a dog can develop new allergies from time to time based on the changes in its physiology, age and environment. So it is up to you to keep a watch on what your dog is eating and look out for these 6 most common dog food allergies.


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