The Vitamins for Dogs You Should Consider

It is a well-known fact that dogs like to eat what their owners eat, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need special vitamins for dogs. The truth is that their needs regarding nutrition are similar to the needs of humans, since they are also omnivorous. This means that they get the nutrients both from plants and animals. So what dog vitamins do they need?

Vitamin A

The pets need this kind of vitamin for their sight and also to improve their immune system. Keep in mind that this one of the vitamins is a fat soluble one, meaning that it is stored in the fat of the animal, you should make sure not to overdose.

Vitamins for DogsVitamin B1

This is also an important one of the dog vitamins, and unlike vitamin A, B1 is water soluble, so that in case there is any excess, it will be washed out of the dog’s organism with urine.

This vitamin is needed for energy and for carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B6

This one of the vitamins for dogs is used for healthy blood, immune system and nervous system. In case the dog suffers from deficiency he will experience weight loss, anemia and muscle twitching.

Vitamin B12

Just like the other B dog vitamins this is also important for the healthy development of the pet. In case of a deficiency you will observe weight loss, anemia and also low white blood cells.

Vitamin D

The main point of these vitamins for dogs is to keep your dog in shape. Vitamin D is responsible for the bone and muscle structure of the dog. Just as vitamin A it is fat soluble, so you shouldn’t give your dog too much of it.


Similarly to humans, calcium can be found in the dog vitamins and it is responsible for healthy bones and teeth and also for the nervous system and blood coagulation. In case the diet of the dog lacks calcium, he might be facing severe skeletal abnormalities.


It is quite unusual that dogs need copper besides vitamins for dogs, but this is important for the formation of the dog’s bone, cells and tissue. A sure sign that a dog doesn’t have enough copper is loss of hair pigmentation.


Iron, as one of the dog vitamins is used for the function of the red blood cells that have the job of transporting oxygen to the entire body. If you see that the dog is weak it may mean that he doesn’t get enough iron in his nutrition.


This substance is responsible for the healthy thyroid function of the dog. If you observe that the dog has enlarged thyroid glands, dry coat or he has gained some unexplained weight, you could be facing iodine deficiency.

In the majority of the cases you can find everything that the dog needs in the vitamins for dogs that you can get from the vet. Also you might have a talk with your veterinarian regarding the vitamin needs of your companion.


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