Natural Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs You Can Use

Chemical medications for flea treatments in dogs can induce toxic reactions in the skin.

Also if the dog lives in a house with children, it is more of a reason for not using such chemicals. But what are the alternatives.

Fret not, because there are a number of natural flea and tick treatment for dogs. Here are a few of them.

Natural Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Brewer’s yeast

Use the brewer’s yeast powder available at your grocer’s store and add a bit of garlic to it. Now add it to the dog food. This will ensure that the pH of the sweat remains optimum and repels fleas. Alternately, you could also rub fresh lemon or orange extract on your dog’s fur. The acidic pH of these citrus fruits repels fleas. And what’s more, even if your dog happens to lick it, it does not come under any harm.

A shower of relief

Fleas are easily washed away by water. So if your dog has picked up any fleas, then this is the best remedy for getting rid of them or even preventing them. Use a medicated shampoo or a mild soap with a citrus base and give your dog a good bath. Brush the hair thoroughly after the wash. Remember that regular brushing will keep fleas at bay. Another natural remedy is the use of Epsom salt in the bath water. This is a good way to remove fleas and ticks from the dog’s body.

Plant oils

Rubbing rose geranium oil around the collar of your dog acts as a natural repellant of fleas and ticks. You could also buy readily available cedar oil and spray them over your dog’s body. This works particularly in repelling ticks in the outdoors. Other oils that are useful in repelling ticks and fleas in dogs are: tea tree oil, lavender oil and lemon eucalyptus oil.

Other natural remedies for ticks and fleas

Try introducing friendly nematodes in your garden that feed on fleas. Thus, you could keep the flea population to the minimum and hence prevent them from infesting your pets’ fur and body.

When going outdoors with your dog, long grass that is commonly found in the outdoors may harbor fleas and ticks in them. It is recommended that you cover your dog’s body with protective clothing to keep the parasites from attacking it.


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