Canine Constipation and Why Should It Be Avoided?

You might have heard many people say that you don’t have to take your pets so seriously, since they are supposed to be able to survive on their own as well. The pet lovers have to say that they couldn’t disagree more with these people.

In case a person gets a pet, it is his or her responsibility to take care of the animal. It isn’t as easy to have pets, such as dogs, as it might seem to be. There are numerous problems that you might encounter, an example being canine constipation.

This condition is just as bad as canine diarrhea. In this case the body is unable to get rid of the toxins and the effects include bloating, abdominal pain and loss of appetite. In case the animal manages to have some bowel movement, the stool will be impacted and hard.

Canine Constipation

Although this is a really uncomfortable condition, the good news is that there are ways to prevent it and also to treat it. There are numerous causes for this condition, and one of the most common ones is the low-quality processed food that is low in fibers.

Other causes that might be present just as frequent include eating thrash, chewing toys, sticks or bones. These items aren’t digestible and they might block the digestive track. This is why you should watch your dog while being around chewing toys, sticks or other items that might be swallowed and make sure that you offer the pet high-quality food that is rich in fiber and that is unprocessed.

There are also some other measures that you might take to prevent constipation, such as mixing oat bran into the dog’s food. Another good idea might be to offer milk to the animal for milk lubricates the colon. In case you see that the dog suffers from constipation, you might give it some mild laxative or mineral oil.

As you have seen so far, the majority of the problems are caused by the diet of the pet. To avoid constipation, you might allow it to eat only at certain hours of the day. Also do not offer it any food that you eat and maybe you could skip the snacks too. This way you will be able to avoid the problems of the digestive track and weight-gain. Exercise is also beneficial for the animals and for their eating habits.

There are some sure signs of constipation and in case you recognize these, contact a vet as soon as possible: straining while trying to have bowel movement, changes regarding the habits, lethargy, blood or parasites in the stool and tenderness in the stomach.

Some of the researches show that herbal supplements could be effective against canine constipation because they keep the digestive tract healthy and they strengthen the immune system while improving the general health of the animal.

The easiest way to recognize constipation is to look out for signs of changes. Since you are the one that knows the dog best, you can be sure that you will recognize them.


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