Dog Itching but No Fleas Treatment

If you notice that the skin of the dog is itchy the first thing that you might think about are fleas. However, you should also have a plan B for dog itching but no fleas treatment. All pet owners should know that fleas aren’t the only factor that could cause itching in a dog.

Dog Itching but No Fleas Treatment

Oatmeal bath

You can find oatmeal shampoo especially created for dogs. This will soothe the skin and it will make the itching better. Let the shampoo set on the skin of the dog before washing it off. Although this is only a temporary solution, for sure it will make life easier for the dog.

Dog food

Another thing that you could think about regarding the dog itching but no fleas remedy is to switch the food of the dog to a hypoallergenic one. It is possible for the skin of the dog to be itchy if there is an allergen in their food and they have an allergic reaction.


May be the problem is caused by stress. If you have a new roommate or family member, it can make the dog stressed. Getting a new pet can have the same effects. In this case you have to keep the dog away from the source of the stress.


In order to use the dog itching remedy but no fleas, you will have to keep the dog indoors. It is possible for dogs to have seasonal allergies, just like people. This way there will be no more environmental allergens in the life of the dog and so the scratching will stop.


The pet owners ought to know that supplements can also soothe the skin. Think about vitamin B and E and essential fatty acids. You can get these at the office of the vet or at local pet stores.

The vet

It might be a good idea regarding the no fleas itching dog treatment to take the dog to the vet to make sure that there are no other parasites that cause itching. Yeast infections and ring worms can both lead to itching in dogs. These can be treated with medication.

If you are interested in dog itching but no fleas treatment, there are many for you to try.


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