Capturing your Pet’s Best Side

When it comes to our pets, we only want the best. So what can you do when you decide you want to photograph your furry member of the family?

Know what you want

Before your shoot, it is important that you know what you want from the photos. It might be that you want a stunning close up, or perhaps you want one that really captures your pet’s playful side, but whatever you want, make sure you communicate this to your photographer, if you are taking your pet to a professional shoot with companies like, or bear it in mind if you are taking them yourself. You might like to use a prop which will help you to bring this out, such as a favourite toy or a collar you really feel defines your pet. It is also worth getting rid of items around your set which may distract your pet.


Find a furry friend photographer

Knowing what you want is key, and with this comes whether or not you would like to hire a professional photographer. It is worth considering, even if you do feel you are confident with the camera, that photographers with experience in pet photography will be well qualified with pets, and may be able to capture them in ways that home photography does not allow.

If you do go down the route of professional photography, make sure you pick a photographer who is confident with pets, and look for one that has pet pictures in his/her portfolio. Often photographers will offer pet packages, so know what you are getting for your money. Finding a photographer that has experience with pets will also mean they will not be daunted when they see your four legged friend trot onto the set, and will know how to capture different species and breeds in the best light! Make sure you let the photographer know of ways to handle your pet, and allow him/her to get to know your animal before diving in to the shoot.

Consider the space

If you are going to be putting the pictures up on the wall or in a frame, consider the space you are working with. For example, a quirky close up will look stunning on a large wall-mounted canvas. Varying the height that the photos are taken at, such as coming down to the level of the animal is also a great way to experiment with the way photos will interact in the space: there is nothing cuter than an animal staring back at you!


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